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Did the tour of our virtual museum remind you of a related incident or experience you would like to share?

  • Who was the first Indian immigrant in your family or your neighborhood?
  • Do you know other Indian-Americans who have served in the military? What made them enlist? What do you know of their experiences in the service?
  • Have you adapted your religious traditions as you practice your faith in the United States? If so, in what ways? If not, what challenges do you face in maintaining the original traditions?
  • Do you know anyone or any place in the U.S. with connections to the Indian freedom struggle?
  • How has being a U.S. citizen affected your life?

Contribute to the museum and enrich our understanding of the Indian American experience by sending in your story (200 words or less) about one of our featured gallery themes. Email us at or fill out the form below:

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We may showcase your story as part of an existing or future exhibit. Include a digital photo If you have one, along with a detailed caption. We may post it on our website for everyone to share.

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What themes would you like to see featured in our future exhibit galleries?
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